Is using your soaps really better for my family than antibacterial soaps?

A study by the FDA has shown that antibacterial soaps do not stop the spread of germs and illness anymore effectively than regular soap and water. This is partly because washing your hands does not really “kill” the bacteria, but simply washes it off of your hands down the drain. In fact, whereas none of the benefits have ever been proven, antibacterial soaps have been shown to contain ingredients that are potential carcinogens, may weaken the immune system, contribute to birth defects, or create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Certain consumer soaps containing the antiseptic ingredients have already been banned from sale. One of the targeted ingredients is triclosan, which has been labeled as a pesticide. Unfortunately, this ingredient is still used in many other common products. So how can you protect your family from the spread of germs? The FDA recommends washing your hands with plain soap and water.